Dunlap Oil Company Services

Dunlap Oil Company offers services for a wide range of industries including: Agriculture, Power Generation, Mining, Manufacturing, and Road Construction. Commercial and municipal services are also available. Dunlap Oil Company also offers state-of-the-art Oil Filtration services and Oil Sample Analysis. Whatever your needs might be, we have a solution to meet your requirements.

Bulk Fuels & Fuel Delivery

We provide bulk fuel deliveries of all grades of diesel fuel, gasoline, and kerosene in full transport and tank wagon quantities. Our extensive fleet of trucks allows us to provide quick and efficient delivery service throughout southeastern Arizona and beyond. Our friendly drivers are professionally trained and licensed to meet all state and federal regulations.

Oil Services

Dunlap's lubrication specialists can develop and implement specific lubrication based reliability programs designed to reduce equipment failure, increase production, minimize downtime, and increase profitability. Dunlap’s team can assist you in identifying and applying the absolute best lubrication practices available today.

Dunlap offers:

  • State-of-the-art techniques
  • Superior quality product solutions
  • Company specific services and programs
  • Proven methods for lubrication storage and handling
  • Lubricant field testing
  • Fluid analysis and interpretation
  • On-site filtration and contamination control procedures
  • Equipment and lubrication system troubleshooting and problem solving

Does your application have special demands? Is there a specific service you're looking for? Just contact our sales staff and we'd be happy to assist you. We've developed specialized filtration programs for our customers and would be happy to discuss your needs.

Retail Branding

Whether you are building a service station, buying an existing station, or looking for a different brand, Dunlap Oil Company can provide you with the expertise and resources needed for your success. They include the following:

  • Major or unbranded options
  • Market analysis
  • Creative finance options Image and sign designs
  • Marketing and support programs
  • Equipment upgrade incentives
  • Trademark licenses or unbranded agreements
  • Flexible fuel supply agreements
  • Multiple incentive plans
  • Environmental assistance
  • National brand recognition

Major Brand Advantages

Consistently the top brand in the industry for performance and preference, Dunlap Oil Company, Inc. proudly offers the Chevron and Texaco brand. Learn why so many dealers choose the Chevron/Texaco advantage, experience a partnership with Chevron/Texaco and Dunlap Oil Company, Inc., become part of a brand experience that places you on the cutting edge of the motor fuel and convenience retailing industry.

Branding Options

Dunlap Oil Company is constantly enhancing its brand options. Do you have questions regarding our branding services? Contact us today!


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