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Dunlap Oil Company history


E.T. Dunlap started Dunlap Service in 1945. At that time, Dunlap Service consisted of a gasoline and service station located at 759 South Haskell Avenue in the historic town of Willcox, Arizona. Also, the company maintained one 1100 gallon gas truck which Kenneth Dunlap (E.T. Dunlap’s son) used to deliver gas to farmers.

In 1956 Kenneth bought a transport truck that held 6000 gallons of gas and continued to deliver gas for Dunlap Service.


In 1959 Kenneth bought Dunlap Service from his father so his father could retire. In the first 10 years of his ownership, Kenneth expanded the company greatly by purchasing and leasing stations in many Arizona communities, including Benson, Kansas Settlement, San Simon, Bisbee, Douglas, Sierra Vista, Benson, Safford, Clifton, and a second Willcox station on North Haskell.

In 1969 he built Willcox Truck Plaza which was followed by Benson Plaza in 1973. In 1971 Kenneth opened the very first self-service stations in each of Cochise, Graham, and Greenlee Counties. The following decades have seen much growth and expansion of Dunlap Oil Company. The company now serves customers throughout Arizona, branching out into communities like Payson, Thatcher, Pinetop and Ajo. The company today consists of multiple Doc’s Food Stores locations, delivering gas to local farmers and other commercial customers (jobber for Chevron), and delivering lubricants. Dunlap Oil Company remains a family business and a well known institution in the community.





Construction Projects Outline

1969 Willcox Truck Plaza/Willcox Cafe

1971 Gordon’s Market

1972 Rasco’s

1973-1974 Willcox Drug Store, Gambles, Cowboy Corner, BP-1 Main Office/Warehouse in Willcox

1975 Radio Shack, Fabric Store

1975-1976 Benson Café

1980 Best Western Plaza Inn

1985 Sierra Vista Little General

1986 Burger King

1986 Best Western Quail Hollow Inn

1987 Remodel Willcox Truck Plaza fuel facility new pumps/Chevron canopies

1988 Remodel Willcox Café

1989 Remodel San Jose Chevron store

1990 Benson Chevron, WTP new above ground tanks installed, paved truck parking lot

1991 San Jose Chevron remodel fueling facility, WTP added showers, laundry, truckers lounge, expanded restrooms

1992 Thatcher Chevron

1993 Sierra Vista Chevron

1994 Pinetop Chevron, BP-1 added on to offices

1995 QHI added on 20 rooms

1996 Safford Exxon rebranded later to Chevron

1997 Mustang Corners, Add on BP-1 green records room, BLG Exxon, stucco outside of Benson Plaza Building, Bought old Circle K in Bisbee and turned it into San Jose Chevron

1998 San Jose Chevron Car Wash, Payson Chevron, Add on side fuel island SJC, SVLG Food Court

1999 Payson Chevron, Ajo Chevron & Food Mart

2003 BP-1 warehouse addition 40’ x 50’

2004 TP-1 office/warehouse


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